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Luxe Cuddle® Milan Enzo Bellini

Luxe Cuddle® Milan Enzo Bellini

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Enhance your sewing projects with the transformative power of texture, elevating their visual impact to new heights. Introducing Luxe Cuddle® Milan Enzo, a fabric designed to make a striking difference. Embrace the beauty of this exceptional fabric, adorned with a stunning and unique abstract print that captivates the eye.

Luxe Cuddle® Milan Enzo goes beyond ordinary with its luxurious high pile, creating a sumptuous texture that entices touch. But there's more – this fabric is knitted with elastic, adding an extra stretchiness that cascades into a mesmerizing rippling effect.

*Please note that a one-yard stretched cut will yield about 26 inches relaxed, and a one-yard relaxed cut will measure about 48” when stretched.

This means that if you are making a throw, you’ll need to purchase about 30% more fabric for the measurement to be correct once it’s relaxed and ready to sew. For example, if you want to make a 60” x 72” back-to-back blanket, you’ll need to buy about 5½ yards of Luxe Cuddle® Milan (2¾ yards per side).*

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