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Luxe Cuddle® Glacier Merlot

Luxe Cuddle® Glacier Merlot

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Experience the warmth of our Luxe Cuddle® Glacier fabric, defying the chill with its inviting appeal. Immerse yourself in the captivating textured look of this glacier-inspired fabric, revealing unexpected complexity at every glance. Explore the depths of its embossed design, offering a welcoming touch that beckons you closer. Step back, and a refined, almost-striped pattern emerges, showcasing subtlety and tasteful execution.

Crafted with the finest 100% polyester fibers, Luxe Cuddle® Glacier ensures the same exceptional quality you already cherish. Indulge in its irresistibly soft texture, perfect for a wide range of applications. From cozy blankets to pillowcases, this fabric brings comfort and luxury to any project.

LuMinky proudly presents Luxe Cuddle® Glacier, a testament to our commitment to exquisite materials. Let its warmth envelop you and enhance your creations with unparalleled softness and style.

Discover the magic of Luxe Cuddle® Glacier, available exclusively at our online fabric store. Embrace the beauty of its glacier-inspired allure, and elevate your crafting endeavors to new levels of excellence.

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