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Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox Sandstone

Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox Sandstone

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Welcome to the world of pure opulence with our Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox collection. Just like our highly acclaimed Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Rabbit line, this extraordinary fabric boasts an astounding 30mm pile height, ensuring an indulgent touch. With an impressive weight of 830 gm/ly, it sets new standards in plushness and luxury.

The Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox fabric showcases a stunning two-toned finish that adds depth and visual appeal to any creation. Its versatile nature may surprise you, as it effortlessly transitions from creating ultra-luxurious accent pillows and captivating throw blankets to crafting irresistibly cozy wearables such as scarves and vests.

Immerse yourself in a realm of endless possibilities as you explore the unparalleled versatility of Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox. Elevate your home decor with accent pieces that exude sophistication, or wrap yourself in comfort with fashion-forward accessories that demand attention.

LuMinky is your ultimate destination for premium Minky fabrics, and Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox is no exception. Experience the epitome of elegance and softness as you bring your creative visions to life. Unleash the luxurious allure of Luxe Cuddle® Arctic Fox and redefine the meaning of plushness.

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